Personal Training
Our one-on-one personal training programs connect you with a fitness expert that will help you set and accomplish your fitness goals utilizing a combination of functional and core strength techniques.

Your initial session includes assessment and goal setup, which will help generate a safe and customized fitness plan. Your trainer will then guide you step by step throughout your workouts ensuring you are using correct form and technique. Adjustments will be made to your program as your physical capabilities progress. Whether your goal is to decrease your body fat percentage, gain lean muscle mass, or increase your cardiovascular endurance, our team will motivate and guide you in your pursuit of your ideal body and physical fitness. At Drive 365, creative expert led coaching makes going to the gym a motivating and empowering experience.

One-on-one personal training gives you the personalized attention for you to reach your goals in the most time efficient manner.
Pay as you go$85/session
1 to 1 Monthly Memberships
Up to 5 sessions$399
Up to 12 sessions$845
3 month off-day workout program$315
*Unlimited programs include access to Team Training
*Prices based on a 4 week billing cycle and exclude GST
Small Group Training
Small Group Training
"The Drive 365 team embodies change... The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Steve and Mark’s diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging, yet achievable goal setting.
Shantel Thompson
Embarking on your fitness journey in a small group environment can be a major key to maintaining and reaching your fitness goals. Studies have shown partners help motivate you to be more active, challenge your weaknesses, push you further, boost your confidence and help make fitness fun.

It also serves as a more cost effective and flexible way to experience the expertise of a certified personal trainer to ensure a safe and effective fitness program.
Small Group Monthly Memberships (2-4 people)
Up to 5 sessions$255
Up to 12 sessions$499
*Unlimited program includes access to Team Training
*Prices are based on a 4 week cycle and exclude GST