Corporate Wellness
Is your goal to have dedicated employees who invest themselves in your company as much as you do? If so, Drive 365 Fitness & Health will guide you on your path to complete employee satisfaction. Discover how some of the most qualified health professionals in the industry can help your corporation set up and organize exercise programs and fitness appraisals to motivate and create a productive work environment.

With such high pressure and demanding work environments these days, stress and sick days taken by employees are steadily increasing. Health studies have proven the physical benefits of regular exercise and physical activity in that they reduce stress and illness while increasing energy levels. What that means for you is higher employee attendance, lower medical fees, and increased work productivity.

"Steve and his team have exceeded our expectations and our employees' expectations in terms of variety of programs offered and results achieved... [and] have introduced a fitness and training standard that delivers results while ensuring the safety and proper paced training for all of our employees, male and female, younger and older.
Bob Fleming
Delta Controls/ESC Automation
Our Corporate Wellness programs benefit your business by:
  • Reducing health care costs
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving recruitment and retention
  • Creating a healthy and positive work atmosphere
  • Providing team building exercises
  • Serving as a qualified tax write-off
Employees who participate in Corporate Wellness programs feel:
  • Less stressed
  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • More energetic
  • More confident
  • Valued in their position and not just another “number”
  • More willing to go the extra mile for the team/company
  • Increased loyalty
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Executive Training
High blood pressure, muscle tension, chronic headaches and fatigue are all common symptoms of a high-stress and demanding work life. As a busy executive, finding the time for proper fitness, nutrition and overall balance, can seem impossible. However, as many of our clients have unfortunately come to realize, ongoing neglect of your physical health can result in serious illness and health scares that can result in ongoing cardiac care and dependence on prescription treatments.

One way to reverse these ailments is to commit to improved health, fitness and nutrition. Our team of experts has worked with many executives to devise a fitness plan that fits within their lifestyle and a nutrition plan to give them the energy and stamina they require.

We utilize a combination of functional and core strength techniques to create a personalized fitness plan that has faster results in less time and that evolves with you as you progress. All training sessions are one-on-one and customized to your health and fitness goals.
"With Steve and Mark’s guidance, I have a much greater respect for health and well-being and this has certainly helped me toward achieving work/life balance.
John E. Lehman
President/Principal Leonis Management & Consultants Ltd.
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