24 hours notice is required to cancel, change or reschedule any private session or appointment without charge. Late notice cancellations or rescheduling fees are equivalent to the value of the cancelled session. Please note that there will be no individual make-up sessions if a client misses a scheduled private session without giving 24 hours notice. It is your responsibility to contact us by phone or email (not text message) to notify us of the cancellation. Consistency with your training program is key to seeing progress and results. In the event that a cancellation is necessary, we expect you to reschedule a time that works for you within the week.
Expiration Date
All fitness training memberships are paid on a monthly basis and it is expected that you complete your sessions within that same month. If you are unable to, due to extended vacation or illness, and have given adequate notice, we will permit you to make-up those sessions the following month. Typically, vacations are booked well in advance, which should give you adequate time to notify your trainer and make the necessary adjustments to plan your make-up sessions before and/or after your holiday otherwise those sessions will be lost. Group Training memberships expire after 1 month. We do not offer extensions, except for valid medical reasons, accompanied by a written doctor's note. We will allow a one time one month hold to your training program membership.
All clients are encouraged to be prompt. If a client arrives late, this time will be deducted from the private session. Please be aware that our trainers are required to wait 15 minutes for a scheduled client, after which time the session is subject o cancellation and clients will be charged the full session amount.
Payment is due at time of booking. All prices exclude HST.
Additional Charges
An additional charge of $40 will apply for mobile services within the South Surrey/White Rock Area.
Studio Etiquette
We strive to provide a safe, comfortable and respectful environment. Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.

Proper footwear and fitness attire is required. We encourage indoor gym shoes to maintain the cleanliness of the facility. Please wipe equipment and mats after use, place towels over equipment when possible and return all equipment after usage. Cell phones are not permitted on the floor.
Client agreement and waiver forms must be signed prior to using the facility. Failure to comply with any of the above expectations will result in a loss of facility privileges.