Offering Active Rehabilitation with a Registered Kinesiologist
Finding Balance.
Every year more and more executives find themselves struggling to balance their hectic schedule with their leisure interests, personal health and fitness. At Drive 365, we have created a unique program that enables busy professionals to:
  • Improve health and fitness.
  • Reduce Stress, cardiac risk and dependence on prescription treatment.
  • Enhance their endurance and mobility both on and off the golf course, as well as enhance their game play and swing.
  • Create a new lifestyle that brings balance and health to the forefront.
Our Solutions.
All fitness programs, including golf fitness, are centered around function and core strength training. This helps you reverse the adverse effects of a high-stress and demanding work life, while helping achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

If you are a busy professional in South Surrey or White Rock, chances are you could benefit from increased agility and strength on the golf course. Improved physical fitness will help reduce stress and enhance your overall well being. Why not improve your game and health at the same time?

Drive 365 has the expert training and programs to make this a reality.
Golf Fitness.
For the avid golfer, we offer the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) training - the premier golf fitness training program. TPI is a golf specific, biomechanics training approach that focuses on physical exercises to improve both your health and your golf game. Our goal is to show golfers how to maximize performance through fitness.